Plast Sich Pool Repair & Refurbishement 2022

Support the Pool Repair and Refurbishment Project!  Підтримайте ремонт басейну на Січі! 

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Plast Leliyka

June 21, 2022

Dear Plast Members and Families,

On behalf of Plast Toronto, thank you to our UPN families and opther volunteers for spending the day at Sich at our annual Den Pratsi (Work Day). This was the best attended Work Day in recent memory and the sustained collective effort was truly inspirational.

There is always a lot to get done at Sich before camps in July, which was especially true this year for two main reasons:

  • these will be the first camps in 3 years due to Covid-19;
  • the vision of Plast Toronto’s current leadership to support and enhance programming and camps with safe and comfortable facilities for our children.
Thanks to funds raised in last year’s Bike-A-Thon organized by our Young Adult Members (Starshi Plastuny), along with a generous gift from the Huculak Foundation matched by Plast Toronto, we have been able to move forward with several camp improvements:
  • revitalizing the camp Workshop
  • installing a supervised Archery Range
  • installing 24 durable screen doors to improve air circulation and ventilation іn all cabins – a small change that will have immediate benefits and that is so important in a post-Covid world.


Building on the good will, engagement, and momentum of the day we spent together at Sich, and on the success of last year’s fundraising, as well as providing our young members with safe and lasting facilities — we are kindly requesting our committed parents, families and friends, to make a donation toward THE SICH POOL REPAIR AND REFURBISHMENT PROJECT 2022.

Sich is Plast Toronto’s treasure on the shores of Lake Ontario, but the Crown Jewel is our pool. Our camps take place during the hottest time of the year, and the pool provides our children with daily joyful and refreshing exercise.

This spring, we urgently undertook an extensive repair and refurbishment of our 55-year-old pool — a project that has been long overdue, in order to make the pool safe and, we hope, make it last another 50 years.

And the good news is — the newly refurbished pool will be filled with water this week to be ready for the beginning of camps!

As you can imagine, the cost of this project has put a large demand on Plast Toronto’s finances. We are grateful to our long time, generous partners — Businesses, Foundations and Individuals, all pillars of our Hromada — who have come forward with significant donations (more news to come!). And it is our hope to raise $200,000 from our Plast Toronto and Sich Members.

We recognize that there are many important causes that deserve our attention and resources, and that costs in general are rising. However, a donation from every family which fits within their means, would go a long way to achieving our fundraising goal. Your contribution would also give our Funders and Partners confidence that our membership is as invested in sustaining our facilities for future generations as they are.

How to contribute?

To ensure that not a penny is lost to credit card or processing fees, we ask that your donation be sent to Plast Toronto Branch (please put “Pool Repair Fund Donation” in the Note field) either by:

  • e-transfer to:


  • Cheque (payable to “Plast Toronto Branch”) by mail to: Plast Toronto Branch, 516 The Kingsway, Toronto, ON M9A 3W6


All donations will receive a tax receipt.

Thank you & diakuiu again for all you do to support Plast Toronto. As an organization that relies primarily on its volunteers to succeed, we are grateful for your support in providing the best for our true treasures — our children & youth.

Your generous donation will help Plast Toronto ensure a safe and enjoyable pool for all our members for years to come, and will help to create memories for our campers that will last a lifetime.


Motria Dzulynsky


Paul Sochocky

VP Facilities and Operations

Tamara Martin 

VP Programming